How long does it take to print an ad?

We recommend having your artwork submitted to us 10 days prior to start date. This allows us to have time for client approval, printing, laminating, install and/or shipping of materials.

What kind of material does Denver Outdoor Media use for printing?

We only use the highest quality 3M vinyl materials. This insures your branding has the longest life possible while out in the world!

Can Denver Outdoor Media install my ads?

We can install any sort of vinyl ads for your company. Depending on what we are wrapping, we can come to your place of business, or we have 2 install facilities, one in Downtown Denver and one in Golden, Colorado.

Do you guarantee work performed?

Yes, we guarantee all of our printing and work for 1 year after install.

How do we design a pedicab wrap?

Once we are working together, we will send you a template with the dimensions for your custom pedicab wrap. Your designer will then design the artwork to the template specifications and send it back to us, print ready.

What does it mean to submit artwork “print ready”?

For artwork to be print ready, we need it to be saved as a high resolution pdf, with all the text outlined, and the artwork embedded.