Our special events encompass a few different things such as the Sign Bike, FREE ride days, corporate events, weddings, monthly advertising campaigns, or a mixture of all of the above. You can have your event in the city or we can travel to where you are. Even if you are in another state!

If your client really wants to make a big impression, try our Free Ride Program. We can get our riders to be at a specific event and give free rides to patrons on behalf of your client for an hourly rate. In addition, while on the ride our drivers, as "brand ambassadors" will educate their passengers on your clients company and products they offer, as well as handing out shwag.

For your wedding, why not try something completely different and travel in style? You will be sure to turn heads if you use pedicabs as your means to get to and from your wedding and reception. It’s a unique and fun way to add something fun to your special day. Please contact us for rates and availabiity.

You can use pedicabs for your corporate events as well. We can get our pedicabs to you and again, our driver act as your brand ambassadors wearing your branding on t-shirts and hats as well the advertising on the side of the cabs. Rates and availability differ for each event. Please contact us if you need a quote.

Be sure to check out our newest venture: The Denver Bike Bar! The Denver Bike bar is a new and unique way to tour different parts of the city with your friends. Check it out on the web or stop by our twitter and facebook pages.